Post Menopause 
For general use and to reverse mild symptoms 100-200mg/day progesterone is needed. 
(If severe problems are experienced 400-500mg/day are needed, but for the shortest period possible)

Normal Cycle Lengths (not menopausal)

Progesterone should always be used from ovulation,
for the last 12-14 days of the cycle.
Or if wishing to fall pregnant it can be started during the 50 hour surge which occurs prior to ovulation.


This normally begins 5 to 10 years before menopause and cycles can become very erratic. Every two weeks, or at three month intervals, there is no telling when bleeding will occur. This can vary from spotting, to a normal period, to flooding.
Once cycles become erratic, and impossible to follow, it's best to stop following the cycle and use progesterone daily, through any bleeding. It is safe to do so. 
100-200mg/day progesterone should be used, more if symptoms are severe.


Use between 10-100mg/day progesterone, more if severe symptoms are experienced.
*Note: It is not always, but the cream may have to be used for a minimum of 2-6 months in order for progesterone to become the dominant hormone and for changes to occur.
Natpro has an unopened shelf life of 18 months and is still valid for 6 months after the expiry date.

Note About 10% and 20% Progesterone Creams

With regards to the 10% and 20% progesterone creams, on the rare occasion, some people have reported that they absorb the lower percentage creams better, as some people absorb differently. So something to keep in mind. If for any reason you are not getting any results from either the 10% or 20% creams (with most people it can take up 2-6 months to feel better, often it is less) you may want to try the lower percentage creams. Again, it is not often, but can happen.
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